Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How did they make this!!

The house wife made the items!! Well the men did all the outdoor work the women did the indoor work! The made this by spinning and wiving with linen!! They also used plant fibers for there clothes! Much made from linen for thew rich!! They made there clothes much much differently then us!! We buy our clothes but the people who make them make them in a factory!! It is much easier that way! Back then they made there clothes for there family and it was also hand made! They did not have good clothes and bad clothes!! they just had clothes! Like today if you wore hollister then you are "cool". But if you ware walmart you are " uncool" witch does not make scene!!

what did rich people ware?

Rich and poor people back then are much like us today! Rich people ware more things than the poor people !!!!! Back then the rich people wore wings to block them selves from the sun! Both poor and rich could ware this but mostly rich Egyptians wore it! Everyone ran around barefoot but..... rich people had sandals made out of papyrus or palm trees!!!! Rich people had more linen then the rest of the Egyptians!! Also they took a bath in soda!!! As the poor people took a bath in soap!! Rich people had more bronze and gold items then the poor did!! Besides the rich and the poor there as normal people! Normal people is not about the way they acted but how much money they had! They did not have a lot but had enough to live a good life! They had wrap around kilts! They were about knee length!

Make up time!

Eye shadow, Eye Liner, blush oh my!! Yes ancient Egyptians used make back then too! They did not put it on anything like we do now!! Back then the men wore the same make up as the women! Now men do not ware make! Women wore red lip powder. Both men and women outlined there eyes and colored there eyebrows in gray, black, or green paint. That is like our eyeliner today! Men wore just as much make as the women did!! They both used perfume and wore necklaces!!! They also wore rings and bracelets!! Today men and women both ware rings, bracelets, and necklaces! But you don't see men ware makeup! Today if we saw a man or women with dark dark eyeliner very think and red lip powder we would think there are insane! Back then if they wore that same eyeliner and dark red lip powder and perfume they would consider them self's cool! They also had combs, mirrors, and razors!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Adults Did What?

The men were nothing like the men here today! They are almost like complete opposites. Yeah i know hard to believe right. WRONG! Men today ware nice jeans or hollister. Well not then most of the men in Ancient Egypt wore a simple linen cloth. Some of them even wore a knee length kilt. Yeah I know what you are thinking like omg whats a kilt? Let me tell you! A kilt is a skirt! They even had underwear! Yeah they did but it was not what you think it would look like! It was a simple triangular cloth. That was it nothing else for that! Now we move on to women! there are not like the men. They may be a bit similar but not that close! The women did most of the indoor work! They wore a wrap around skirt. They would ware a simple shaft or wrap around skirt was enough for them. They wore there hair long and straight! They do most of the house work so they don't mind what they look like! Both men and women wore white. That was the most common color for them. Do you know why it was? And no it is not because they were popular. It was because white attracts the least amount of heat. Remember that they are in the middle of the desert wit sand on both sides of them!

Friday, December 12, 2008

They Did What?

Yes yes i know Ancient Egypt seems boring but just wait till you hear about there fashion!! They were completely different from our fashion now! We were Hollister and Aeropostale and a bunch of store brand names. They did not have any of the brands we have now! Do you know what they had? I know i do and trust me i do not want to wear what they wear! They wore a bunch of cloth made from linen from the flax plant. They also used wool they spin and weaved plant fibers! How did they do all this?? Well the women cooked, made the clothes and all the housework! The men did the outside work. The women made the clothes for her and her husband if she had one. The kids usually ran around naked until puberty. They did not care about this as much as we do now! They usually wore white to keep away from the sun! The farmers gave the material to the women for them to make. Lets go into detail about it.