Saturday, December 13, 2008

Adults Did What?

The men were nothing like the men here today! They are almost like complete opposites. Yeah i know hard to believe right. WRONG! Men today ware nice jeans or hollister. Well not then most of the men in Ancient Egypt wore a simple linen cloth. Some of them even wore a knee length kilt. Yeah I know what you are thinking like omg whats a kilt? Let me tell you! A kilt is a skirt! They even had underwear! Yeah they did but it was not what you think it would look like! It was a simple triangular cloth. That was it nothing else for that! Now we move on to women! there are not like the men. They may be a bit similar but not that close! The women did most of the indoor work! They wore a wrap around skirt. They would ware a simple shaft or wrap around skirt was enough for them. They wore there hair long and straight! They do most of the house work so they don't mind what they look like! Both men and women wore white. That was the most common color for them. Do you know why it was? And no it is not because they were popular. It was because white attracts the least amount of heat. Remember that they are in the middle of the desert wit sand on both sides of them!

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  1. EWWWWW! Kilts? I thought people from Scotland only wore those! It seems you really know your topic! Good Job!:)