Friday, December 12, 2008

They Did What?

Yes yes i know Ancient Egypt seems boring but just wait till you hear about there fashion!! They were completely different from our fashion now! We were Hollister and Aeropostale and a bunch of store brand names. They did not have any of the brands we have now! Do you know what they had? I know i do and trust me i do not want to wear what they wear! They wore a bunch of cloth made from linen from the flax plant. They also used wool they spin and weaved plant fibers! How did they do all this?? Well the women cooked, made the clothes and all the housework! The men did the outside work. The women made the clothes for her and her husband if she had one. The kids usually ran around naked until puberty. They did not care about this as much as we do now! They usually wore white to keep away from the sun! The farmers gave the material to the women for them to make. Lets go into detail about it.


  1. I didn't know the women made their husbands clothes. That must be why the men looked the same as the women! haha!

  2. They made clothes from plants? Wouldn't that get really scratchy? Anyway, good job!