Tuesday, December 16, 2008

what did rich people ware?

Rich and poor people back then are much like us today! Rich people ware more things than the poor people !!!!! Back then the rich people wore wings to block them selves from the sun! Both poor and rich could ware this but mostly rich Egyptians wore it! Everyone ran around barefoot but..... rich people had sandals made out of papyrus or palm trees!!!! Rich people had more linen then the rest of the Egyptians!! Also they took a bath in soda!!! As the poor people took a bath in soap!! Rich people had more bronze and gold items then the poor did!! Besides the rich and the poor there as normal people! Normal people is not about the way they acted but how much money they had! They did not have a lot but had enough to live a good life! They had wrap around kilts! They were about knee length!


  1. This is a very interesting post! I had no idea the rich took a bath in soda!!! In my opinion, I would rather be poor and take a bath in soap, than be rich and be sticky all the time!

  2. i have to admit, i agree with clair!! i would definitely rather take a bath in soap, even if that meant i was poor...or even if i was rich. either way, id still prefer to bathe in soap:)) haha