Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How did they make this!!

The house wife made the items!! Well the men did all the outdoor work the women did the indoor work! The made this by spinning and wiving with linen!! They also used plant fibers for there clothes! Much made from linen for thew rich!! They made there clothes much much differently then us!! We buy our clothes but the people who make them make them in a factory!! It is much easier that way! Back then they made there clothes for there family and it was also hand made! They did not have good clothes and bad clothes!! they just had clothes! Like today if you wore hollister then you are "cool". But if you ware walmart you are " uncool" witch does not make scene!!


  1. It would really stink having to hand make all of your clothes! It would get pretty boring!:)

  2. you sound like you kno what your talking about..but i dont think i would want to make my own clothes!! and it would be nice to have "just clothes" and no "cool" or "uncool" clothing lol:)) nice job

  3. Hi Chelsea!! Whats up? It's EmSuzy! We want you to come back and look at our blog--there is a post about you! Also, Suzy plays to violin, JUST LIKE YOU!!!!